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Retail businesses are booming, and the market is ripe for expansion. determining whether it is worth the investment. Purchase decisions backed up with efficient streamlining will result in increased revenues. Private equity has changed a lot in recent times, and technology is highly critical as well. It is estimated that private equity firms manage over $2 trillion in assets worldwide today, which requires strong data and network security to protect your assets. We take care of your Information Technology and help you become successful

Technical Evaluations

The prospective company needs to have IT infrastructure that is the latest, secured, and utilized to the full potential. On the other hand, if the IT for private equity is not up to the mark and fully utilized it may only mean disaster. One such disaster was the Starwood (Marriott) breach which announced to the public in November 2018. Nearly 500 million customer’s sensitive information was stolen. The leaked data included customer’s name, mailing address, credit card numbers, and passport numbers. This data breach was happening since the time Marriott acquired Starwood. It goes on to show that technology can never be taken for granted.

Cybersify takes every minute detail seriously. We provide a complete technical evaluation of the prospective company. Our technical evaluations are custom designed depending upon the existing technology and what you would like to accomplish. An in-depth technical evaluations report helps to understand the strong and weak areas of the private equity IT support.

Technology Scaling

Once your investment teams decides on its next investment, it is all about scaling up. The end goal is to streamline the business and take it to a new level. Cybersify has proven expertise in technology scaling for companies. Technology is agile, and your specific requirement may be completely different than the existing setup at the company you acquire. We are your one-stop solution for technology scaling.

IT Cost Reduction

Modern technology is the trick to IT cost reduction. We evaluate the amount being spent on information technology and areas where cost can be reduced. Successful companies find creative ways to reduce overall IT costs. Cybersify helps to look at the areas that can be consolidated and the ones that will need more attention. Cybersecurity, virtualization, IT staff, inefficient asset management, etc. are just some of the areas where cost reduction is possible by streamlining it all. We work on a strategic plan on utilizing the available IT resources, align it with your business goals, and reduce overall cost.

In-House Rebuilds

In-house rebuilds are part of the growth and acquisition process. However, there are a lot of intricate technical details that need to be considered. Rebuilds become necessary for efficient utilization of space and this is where Cybersify can provide private equity IT support. As you plan for the physical rebuilding of your property, we can assist with the design and then implement your plan to ensure that your IT installations are done correctly and on time. So whether it is moving your server room, getting your CCTV camera setup installed, or even restructuring your network cables, we can do it all for you. Just spell out your requirements in the IT domain, and we will ensure that you get the latest and the most efficient IT infrastructure installed in your property.